Motion control products such as servo drives, servo motors and actuators are important elements in industrial processes. They help move specific loads in a controlled fashion. The servo drive translates the low-energy reference signals from the controller into high-energy power signals to the motor. Servo systems can use different types of technology: hydraulic, pneumatic or electromechanical. Customers with high-precision and high-speed applications benefit from the flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an electromechanical, motion-control system.

Servo Drive Capabilities

PK Controls has the capability to customize a customer’s servo drive to better suit business requirements and meet industry demands. We can add a variety of different features and abilities to the drives.
• Process system feedback (encoders, resolvers, tachometers, etc.)
• Close torque, velocity and position loop
• Generate paths
• Produce higher bandwidth
• Increase velocity and position control
• Increase network capability

Motion Controller Capabilities

PK Controls can customize the motion controller with additional advanced features to help improve system operation.

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