A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial computer that helps automate industrial, electrical and mechanical processes by monitoring inputs and outputs and making decisions based on a custom program.

Custom Code Generation

Most PLCs use Ladder Logic for its programming language, but other languages are used as well. PK Controls can help generate custom code for PLCs using:

  • Ladder
  • SFC
  • Structured text

Other PLC Services

Choosing the right PLC can be difficult. That’s why PK Controls automation specialists work with our customers to help find the best PLC for their applications. In addition, PK Controls can assist with other PLC services, such as:

  • Troubleshooting existing equipment
  • Data handling and manipulating
  • Part data tracking
  • Motion control
  • Communication conversions
  • RFID setup and control
  • Vision integration

Redundant PLC Capabilities

A good industrial system with the correct, up-to-date electrical and mechanical components for the application should not need a redundant system. However, redundant systems are ideal for applications where the cost of system failure is very high. Having a redundant PLC system in place helps manufacturers improve the reliability and availability of their main PLC system.

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