PK Controls provides comprehensive data collection system design, build, programming, installation and startup for your specific production needs. Whether it’s for a single machine or an entire plant, we can integrate the system to provide you with the critical data you need to debug and repair your machinery.

With the right data collection system in place, our customers receive real-time data to:

  • Increase production efficiency
  • Reduce downtime
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Improve operator efficiency

Generate the Right Reports

PK Controls can program the data collection system so that our customers can receive customized reports containing the data that is most valuable to them. The data collection system stores real-time data, so customers can make real-time decisions. They can easily access digital reports online or print hard copies.

Receive the Data You Need

After we connect the system to the existing machine, our customers start receiving important data within minutes—no matter if there is an existing PLC or not.

Easily access time and performance data:


See historical trends with critical time data. Every hour, the system will collect the following times, which are stored in the local control system.

  • Running: Number of minutes the machine has not stopped
  • Starved: Number of minutes the ready machine has not received any product from upstream equipment
  • Stopped: Number of minutes the machine has stopped running and is not in cycle
  • Manual: Number of minutes the machine has been in manual mode
  • Auto: Number of minutes the machine has been in automatic mode
  • Alarm: Number of minutes the machine has been in an alarm or faulted state

Production Counts

The system also stores the following production counts to assess overall machine efficiency:

  • System cycles: Number of counts the machine has cycled
  • Passed parts: Number of good product that has been passed through the system
  • Failed parts: Number of bad product that has been passed through the system
  • Event codes: The number of times the machine stops, and the length of each stop. Each “stop” is marked as an “event,” and the system prompts the machine operator to enter an event code as each event happens. This tracks the events and gives reasons for each stop.

Data Collection Unit Features

With access to valuable data, our customers increase efficiency and achieve success in their industry. They enjoy the following data collection unit features:

  • Touch-screen interface from which users can set shift times locally
  • Four-shift data collection period
  • Nema 4x enclosure
  • Three indicator lights
  • Industrial LED marquee display to provide plant personnel with data straight from the unit’s screen (optional)

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