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Issue 07 - March 2004

A newsletter from PK Controls, Inc.

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PK Controls expands its business in safety equipment application and installation services!

PK Controls has been in the business of designing, procuring, and installing safety equipment on customer equipment for several years now.  Recently, recognizing the expanding need for more sophisticated safety equipment, we began investing more time and resources in this critically important area for our clients.

According to Sti®, one of our key Safety Equipment suppliers, "What is the motivation for making a commitment to safeguard the machines that are used for the production of the parts and components that your company manufactures? The primary and most important motivation for safeguarding is to protect the sanctity of human life and limb.  Every company should realize that their human resources are their most important asset.

Each company has an obligation to provide its employees with the safest working environment possible.  Machine safety is governed by various regulatory agencies and companies are expected to make every effort to be in compliance with the safety standards that apply to their industry.  Therefore planning a "Machine Safety Strategy" must be regarded as a major concern for all industrial manufacturing companies. "



Safety Equipment

PK Controls can design, procure, and install a wide variety of safety equipment and services for its customers.  Some of these items include:

Presence Sensing Mats
Presence sensing mats combined with a safety mat controller improve productivity while providing access guarding.  Less downtime occurs because it is not necessary to set up or remove mechanical safety barriers during operation and maintenance. Presence sensing mats and controls are used where perimeter access guarding is required, such as around robots, manufacturing work cells, food processing equipment and automated assembly equipment.

Safety Light Curtains
Safety light curtains are an advanced method of safeguarding personnel around many hazardous machines.  Also called light screens, optical guards, and presence sensing devices, safety light curtains offer freedom, flexibility and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods such as mechanical barriers, sliding gates and pull-back restraints.  By reducing the need, where applicable, for solid guards, safety light curtains simplify routine tasks like machine setup, maintenance and repair.

Safety Interlock Switches
An important type of protective device is a safety interlock switch which interlocks a guard door with the power source of the hazard.  When the guard door is opened, the power is isolated, ensuring that the machine is safe when the operator requires access.  There are many variations of interlock switches, each with its own characteristics.  It is important to ensure that the type of device chosen is correct for its application.

Fences, gates, security access equipment and many others

Let PK Controls design, procure, and install your machine safety equipment.                              


1. PK Controls Undertakes a Program to Create and Implement New Procedures and Quality Controls

2. PK Controls New Operations Manager

3. FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


PK Controls Undertakes a Program to Create and Implement New Operating Procedures and Quality Controls

PK Controls was started in 1996 by two men, working out of a basement, offering one service, temporary assignment technical personnel.  Today, PK Controls has been in the business of helping our customers create the most economical approach to their support needs from temporary assignment technical personnel, control panel and cable manufacturing to systems integration, electronic board repair and much more for almost 9 years.  We are proud of our reputation for quality products, responsive service, and customer loyalty.  These accomplishments have helped PK Controls become the fastest growing OEM and Factory Support Specialists company in Ohio.

With growth like this it is easy to outgrow the procedures, controls, and methods of communication that we used in the early days.  While we are not currently applying for any ISO certification, we recently realized that it is time that we formalize and update many of our existing policies and procedures and create new policies and procedures to ensure that we maintain, or where possible, improve, our quality and customer satisfaction.  Therefore we have undertaken a comprehensive and ongoing program to make this happen.  We will report on our progress with this program in future newsletters.

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PK Controls New Operations Manager

Meet Tim VanVoorhis!

Dan Koczur, President, and Matt Patel, Vice President, are very pleased to announce the promotion of Tim VanVoorhis to the position of Operations Manager of PK Controls.  In this new role Tim will be responsible for the field and inside work teams and overall quality control for PK Controls.  Tim will be working closely with Dan Koczur, PK Controls President, in his new role and he brings several years of real world experience in actually performing the jobs he will manage to his new role as manager.  Tim has been with PK Controls as a Controls Engineer for almost two years and has been involved with many of our biggest customer projects.

Prior to joining PK Controls, Tim VanVoorhis was a Controls Engineer with PH Group Company for more than four years designing electrical control circuits for c-frame and four-column hydraulic presses.   Earlier in his career, Tim worked at PH Group as a service/start-up technician for 2 years there before moving into engineering.   His responsibilities in that role included service and start-up of hydraulic presses and injection molding machines.  Prior to joining PH Group Tim worked as an Electrical Technician at Tosoh SMD.   His responsibilities there included troubleshooting, installation, and preventive maintenance of production equipment.

Tim is active in the Marysville Church of the Nazarene and spends most of his free time with his family.  His hobbies include canoeing, hunting, and playing basketball.  Tim  has been married to his wife Wanda for 18 years and they have two children; a daughter Sarah (11 years old) and a son Micah (6 years old).

Please contact Tim VanVoorhis if you have any questions or need any help with current or future projects.  You can send him an email by clicking here or call him by dialing 614-733-0979.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Each issue, we will answer a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Question: What background and training do the associates of PK Controls have?

Answer: The engineers have Electrical Engineering degrees. The technicians have various backgrounds with technical school backgrounds leading the group. Other paths to the PK Controls team include armed forces training and significant levels of prior experience in similar fields.

Question: What training do you give your employees?

Answer: PK Controls provides comprehensive training programs designed to increase the skills and knowledge of our team to ensure that they are prepared to do the job the right way, the first time.  Many members of our team also attend specialized training programs that our customers provide to fully integrate our teams into their organizations.  For example, recently, one of our best customers conducted an advanced training program for our team members working on their preventive maintenance program for automated guided vehicles.

Question: Why should we do business with PK Controls?

Answer: PK Controls has been in the business of helping customers create the most economical approach to their OEM and factory support needs for almost nine years.  We are proud of our reputation for quality products, responsive service, and customer loyalty.  We have grown our business by expanding business with existing customers, developing great relationships with new customers, and always stressing Total Customer Satisfaction.   PK Controls would like to have the opportunity to provide you with the most economical solution to your OEM and factory support needs.

Please send any questions that you would like answered via E-mail or mail to: Questions, 8000 Corporate Blvd., Plain City, Ohio 43064

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